-I just want to Run away!-

Alright so it’s been some time now that neither of us blogged, so I stumbled upon a cool outfit and some amazing accessory, the fact that I’m in LOVE with this sim is just a plus too 😛 Anywho, here’s my outfit for the day!

Also I got this amazing new release from 2REAL Footwear. It has a bunch of features, scrolling text going through the belt, various belt fabrics that can be changed, LCD animations, fully tintable for your own customization, it can resize on X,Y and Z axis and best of all, it’s LOW lag! Only 3 scripts! Amazing item, this is a must have for all of you who wish to express yourself but tired of making group titles and such to give your own opinion! 😛

-Skin: *DEN-DOU Boys II* Eito -Ocher- /07 Freckles

-Hair: *Drot* The Josh – Chocolate

-Pullover: ::[ Mr.Poet ]::Turtleneck_Black

-Pants: Armidi Limited – (M) Lowrise Jeans Stitch [Classic Dark]

-Boots: [*RG*] Biker Boots -Dirty Sand-  *REDGRAVE*

-GlassesA:B Glasses Black


-Pose: ::eXpression:: Poses

-Location: TenFifteen


~Libera Me~

So it’s been a while since my last post, but I came a cross to a designer that needed some help with testing his new skin series and I promised him a blog post, it’s been some time, but what can I say I’m a lazy mofo ^^;

Lucien Vampire Skin. My avi is pretty much picky when it comes to skins, but this time he apparently made an exception. I think this skin looks really nice and gives a cool/smooth and creepy type of element to your avi and I completely like it!

Comes in two body types, -BodyHair and -Clean, combining it with -Bald Base and -Hair Base

Also Face Skin is available in 8 different types, all depending on your preferences

What my av has on:

Egoisme Lucien Vampire Skin

Lucien Vampire Purple Eyes

RONSEM* Boxer Briefs / Black

ZEUS Y-30 5Color Black

Something About Us …. Hair Fair Part VII

Lucky 7!!!! YAY! Hair fair rocks i could talk about this one FOREVER! but on this post im going to display another of the awesome stores that put out great hairs for hair fair! in this case is House of Munster! This store has some great quality unique hairs! and inspired me to do this post displaying one of their awesome creations!

This Might Not be the right Time…. I Might Not be the Right one….

What I’m Wearing:

  • Skin: !Imabee – Lucy- Light- First Sight Love
  • Hair: House of Munster – Radical – Midnite + Tips- Available at Hair Fair!!
  • Dress: Kyoot– Clingy Tunic Dress –
  • Stockings:*Sheer* – Stockings 08- Torn Shiny Black
  • Boots: J’s – Western Boots – Dark Brown
  • Tattoo:PIDIDDLE -Remember That I Love You
  • Poses: Honey & Vinegar

My last Day of Summer! – Hair Fair Part VI

More of this awesome fair .. This post is for my last summer day of this year 😦 … going back to school sucks! so i put together this look to say bye bye to my summer and hello to the books! Hope you guys like it!

The Hair im wearing here is awesomesauce! its from *RezIpsa Loc* its fun and super casual! i love it so much! i could wear it every single day! The awesome Polo im wearing is one of the newest releases from BOOM.

Reggae always brings some beachy feel to me! and Damian Marley is the man! Enjoy! 😉

What I’m Wearing:

  • Skin:Curio– Bean – Elf- Pure
  • Hair:*RezIpsa Loc* – Eliza – Dusk, Purple – Available at Hair Fair!!
  • Shirt: BOOM – Surf Polo – Faded Red
  • Undershirt: !Ohmai – High Rise Tank – Lime
  • Capri: Artilleri– 1st mate capris – White
  • Sandals: Surf Co. – Shoelace Sandals- White
  • Poses: Estetica

Fighter – Hair Fair Part V

Another Hair Fair Post im so obsessed with hair!! 😀  For this one i decided to go a bit to the fierce side… LOL… so i chose this awesome hair from The Strand , Its dramatic and just awesome! 😀

Hair Fair will go till September 19! So dont forget to visit it in your best low lag attire! 😀

Thanks For Making me Fighter!

Woooootttt! HAIR FAIR!

What I’m Wearing

  • Skin: LeLutka – Lola – Past Gift at ORTA
  • Hair: The Strand – Blossom – Light Fall- Available at Hair fair!!
  • Body Suit: PACADI– Aditi Body Suit- Cherry
  • Stockings:*Sheer* – Tights11 – Vines- Black
  • Shoes: Cherry – The Lovely Petals Pumps – Black/ Silver

I’m Not Calling You a Liar – Hair Fair Part IV

Another one for you guys!!! 😀 Im so all over Hair Fair!!! 😀 This one is for one of my favorite stores ! Lamb! This style is Soft  and kinda brings me memories…. idk  I LOVE IT!  hope you guys love it too!!!:D

If you guys want to be prepared you can join the Hair Fair Demo Group inworld and  check out demos before going to the fair!!

Dont forget to check out the Hair Fair!!!!! 😀

What I’m Wearing:

  • Skin: ::I CE COCO:: – Blanche
  • Hair: Lamb – Lovelier Girl- Ink – Available at Hair Fair!
  • Jacket: !Ohmai– Hamilton Military – Wildwine
  • Dress: Willow– Floral Dress- Meadow
  • Boots: Shiny Things – Comfy Boots- Maroon
  • Bangles Left Hand: Armidi Gisaci– Healing Giraffe Bangle- Pink
  • Bangles Right Hand: Your Shape– Wooden Bangles
  • Necklace: Happy Finds – Vintage Flower Necklace- Group Gift

I’m Good … Hair Fair Part III

YAY! Hair Fair Started!! 😀  Here is another post of some of the wonderful hairs you guys will see there!! this one is from Scribble! i sooo love this casual awesome hair!!! 😀 and it totally inspired me for this look!

The awesome cuddle doll is from ((RIPE)) this store has some awesome original stuff! The one im holding is the kokeshi doll and its a sale item for OMG Thats Adorable Sale thats going on! Its only 99L so go get it!! 😀 its so freakin cute!

Dont forget to attend the Hair Fair in a low lag attire for you to enjoy your shopping and to make the enviroment more easier for you and others!!

What I’m Wearing:

  • Skin: Pink Fuel – Maple – Ember- Spring Baby
  • Hair: Scribble -My Good Side – Black- Charcoal – Available at Hair Fair!!
  • Hoodie:Intrigue Co– Yellow Pouched Hoodie – Midnight Mania Board at the Store!
  • Leggings:!Ohmai– Basic Sheer Leggings – Navy
  • Shoes: Hoorenbeek – Military Boots – Loose- Used Brown
  • Doll: ((RIPE))– Kokeshi Cuddle Doll – OMG Thats Adorable Sale! – 99L

Why Dont You Love Me!- Hair Fair Part II

So this is my second post on many more to come posts!!! 😀 Hair fair is here ppl!!! it starts tomorrow and it just awesome!!!! 😀 for this posts i decided to go retro! this whole style is based on this awesome hair from Clawtooth! Its Retroliscious!  I completely love it! This wonderful RockingRolls will be available at hair fair only … here comes the pictures!!!

Tell me Baby why dont you need me!!

What I’m Wearing:

  • Skin: Pink Fuel– Honey- Raine -Starlett
  • Hair: Clawtooth– Rocking Rolls- Coco – Available at Hair Fair!
  • Shirt: Shampoo – Furyl Blouse – Leopard – Group Gift
  • Shorts: Artilleri– Johanna Highwaist Shorts- Dark Blue
  • Shoes: Maitreya Gold – Shanti- Nude
  • Cuff: *Ticky Tacky* – What What with the Cuff

I’m like a Bird! – Hair Fair + Goodies Part I

So im soooooo excited for hair! seriously, so i went! 😀 This will be the first post of many more blog posts about hair fair! It starts tomorrow so dont forget to get your L’s ready! and your best low lag attire!!! 😀

I also came across with several goodies in this fair! i found so many wonderful gifts from designers, that you need to get! Also im displaying awesome poses from Just a pose that she has out for the OMG Thats adorable sale! its only 99L!! what are you guys waiting for?!

This sweet skin im wearing is the new upcoming release from Bella Di Notte! its called Rosi! and the one im wearing is a wonderful group gift! it takes only 200L to join to get this wonderful skin! it comes in dif tones and with a Tattoo make up layer! 😀

I’m Like a Bird!! 😀

Dont forget! Hair Fair starts tomorrow! wooohoooo!!! \o/

What I’m Wearing:

  • Skin: Bella Di Notte – Rosi- Light – Group Gift- 200L to join
  • Hair:!Ohmai Salon – Pury – Mocha – Gift at Hair Fair- 1L for a FULL FATPACK!
  • Shirt: ATOMIC – Love Affair- Lake- Gift at Hair Fair
  • Pants: Fri.day– Lunno Jeans – Light Wash – Gift at Hair Fair
  • Shoes: **DP** yumyum– Sabot – Old Group Gift
  • Hair Piece: Fashionably dead– Free Hair Accesories -Michelle Tea Hat Stuff –  Gift At Hair Fair
  • Pose: Just A Pose – Fine Feathered Friend- OMG That’s Adorable Sale Item -99L


I decided to name this post power…. yes I’ve been MIA cuz i seriously lost all my power to do ANYTHING  including  blogging… so i finally managed to find some will power and do this! i hope u guys like it! MUAH 😀

I promise I’ll post more often! ❤

What I’m Wearing: